Light Industry. Courier.

A full-coloured illustrated informational magazine for professionals is a monthly publication with 5 000 copies circulation.

Our goals

The magazine is aimed to provide necessary and useful information to our readers, both to beginners in the branch and to experienced executives and technicians.

Themes / subject areas

Our continual headings such as “The branch and the market”, “Expert”, “Textile materials”, “Innovation”, “Technological innovation”, “Equipment” and others contain both analytical findings that give a market overview, and more detailed information for each segment of  industry. In such headings as “Interview” and “Companies about themselves” we publish facts about the most successful Russian and foreign companies who are ready to share their business experience.

Our authors

We cooperate with experienced journalists from different areas of the country, Russian and foreign experts from light- and textile industry enterprises, executives, managers and technical experts from trade companies, as well as with research engineers from specialized Research Institutes and educational institutions.

Our readers

As statistics shows most of our readers are the leaders of manufacturing enterprises, trade companies, chief engineers, marketing and sales executives, research engineers from Research Institutes and students. In short everyone who is interested in being informed about the state of the light industry market in Russia, trying to find out more about competitors or potential partners, planning to upgrade the production lines.


The magazine is addressed to professionals. That’s why it is mostly distributed upon the specialized data base, we distribute by subscription also, and we take a chance to distribute during the Exhibitions and Fairs both in Russia and abroad, at seminars, conferences and other arrangements of the corresponding subject areas. We respect our effort and we are trying to make each issue of our magazine to reach its reader.